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Financial Services

Financial services shift from product development to client services. Extending state of the art services, beyond product delivery is what our clients are after - supporting the full transaction lifecycle.

Risk Management

Rules are tightening and demand increasing depth and speed of risk information.

Independent real-time trade rates combined with valuation power are required to connect all positions and instruments to the most liquid references.



Virgil supports financial services providers reaching out to their clients with financial services via portal, webpages or mobile channels.

We also service trading -, clearing - and risk management functions with financial data management solutions and real-time calculations capabilities.


Excellent customer - and product support make our solutions last for at average more than 10 years.


Core Set

A strong and proven product set forms the basis for our solutions that we can deploy to support effective financial servicesa and strong pricing and valuation capabilities.

Data capture, pricing, deal capture and streaming distribution allow us to submit vitrually every pricable product for clients and risk managers.


Constant product development keeps us ready for tomorrow's channels and distribution platforms.